Network Engineering Technology

Network Engineering Technology, or NET for short, is a professional field that targets the design, management and operation of information networks, as well as their installation. It is a fast paced and rapidly evolving field that utilizes the latest advancements in technology, specifically related to internet and cell phone networks. As such, people must be highly adaptable and have the capability to problem solve using ingenuity and creativity. There is a stress on creation of flawless networks that are optimized to their full potential, enabling the seamless transferral of information. There is also an importance placed on the interconnectivity between newer and older communication networks, so that if something cannot be replaced, it can still operate normally without problem.

There are many subcategories under Network Engineering Technology, which one may specialize in. Such subcategories include security and maintenance. Your talents may be further refined by focusing on the particular industry you’re involved with, whether it be for small business, public infrastructure and/or finance.

Get Into Network Engineering Technology
If you’re interested in pursuing a career in NET, you should seek certification from an industry-recognized organization, such as CISCO. The field is hot right now, and it should be no problem to obtain certification.

Yury Mintskovsky – IT Work

Making his break into the business world, Yury Mintskovsky was promoted to Global Product Manager at IT Manager Inc, where he had the opportunity to set his business ideas in motion. All those years of hard-work, patience and education finally paid off. He established 2 software business lines that he created from scratch, and grew them into multi-million dollar a year success stories.

This was no time for Yury to become complacent, so he started looking for opportunities of investment and business overseas. Through IT Maters, he got the chance to manage teams all throughout Europe, from tech support, to sales, marketing and even development, the latter being his favorite.

Because of his huge success and reputation he was able to establish worldwide partner programs with companies that helped sell and implement his software all over the world. Using his newest creations and software lines, he traveled throughout North America, Western Europe and Asia/Pacific to show International 1000 companies how the 2 software lines could help them develop and better integrate their existing applications to save money and help them roll-out new projects faster.

This success opened new doors for Yury Mintskovsky, but the general idea remained the same, “help people!” He noticed that most users don’t get full usage out of their software, using them only partially, and most of these having features that almost never get used, so he saw the possibility of creating libraries of software that would compile all the useful features of the most used software on the market, into one, easy to use package. The two software lines that he created would better implement projects, and make developers’ lives easier and their job simpler, as well as the integration of applications used by them faster, so the companies would save money.