Kindle or iPad

Yuri Mintskovsky asks: Kindle or iPad? Kindle, the popular e-book reader that allows you to read books on a small handheld device, is brought to you by Amazon. Amazon has already flooded the market with several models of the Kindle, the most recent one having been released before the lucrative holiday season a couple of… Continue reading Kindle or iPad

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Network Engineering Technology

Network Engineering Technology, or NET for short, is a professional field that targets the design, management and operation of information networks, as well as their installation. It is a fast paced and rapidly evolving field that utilizes the latest advancements in technology, specifically related to internet and cell phone networks. As such, people must be… Continue reading Network Engineering Technology

Overview of Information Technology

Information Technology, more popularly known as IT, refers to an industry in which computers and software are used to manage and maintain information. This information can be anything that is required for a company or business, whether it’s about client data to internal employee records – anything. Not only does IT require the storage of… Continue reading Overview of Information Technology

Tips on Getting an IT Job

Are you fresh out of school, armed with a Sciences degree and ready to get your first job in IT? Well, you’ll need to prepare yourself for some gruelling interviews. The IT industry is rife with competition – after all, it is one of the most popular industries and just about every business, from small… Continue reading Tips on Getting an IT Job

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Yury Mintskovsky – IT Work

Making his break into the business world, Yury Mintskovsky was promoted to Global Product Manager at IT Manager Inc, where he had the opportunity to set his business ideas in motion. All those years of hard-work, patience and education finally paid off. He established 2 software business lines that he created from scratch, and grew… Continue reading Yury Mintskovsky – IT Work