Kindle or iPad

Yuri Mintskovsky asks: Kindle or iPad?

Kindle, the popular e-book reader that allows you to read books on a small handheld device, is brought to you by Amazon. Amazon has already flooded the market with several models of the Kindle, the most recent one having been released before the lucrative holiday season a couple of months ago. Known as the Kindle Fire, Amazon reported that it was the most popular product on their site over the holidays, with sales up 177%, although nobody knows how many units were actually sold.

However, competition is fierce in this industry, with Apple being their fiercest competitor. After all, Apple has iPad, a device that isn’t just similar in shape and size, but can also do far more than Kindle in terms of browsing capabilities and games. Of course, it is marketed as something different, but you can read books on it as well.

So which one do you prefer? If you prefer just read, the Kindle may be far better for you. It’s also way cheaper. But if you want to do more than just read, you may want to consider the iPad instead. It allows you to browse, play games, and add your choice of apps.

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