Overview of Information Technology

dataInformation Technology, more popularly known as IT, refers to an industry in which computers and software are used to manage and maintain information. This information can be anything that is required for a company or business, whether it’s about client data to internal employee records – anything. Not only does IT require the storage of this information, the department would also be responsible in its protection, transmission and retrieval. The IT department of any company or business is an incredibly important part of the organization.

On or Off Site and Employee or Contractor
IT departments may be housed on or off site. These days, most information is stored virtually, making it easy for the department to be located somewhere else, even in another country. As long as the company’s information is easily accessible, it is not really that important where the department is located.

The staff of an IT department may be employees of the company or contractors, who work as requested.

Common IT roles include System Administrators, Database Administrators and Information Technology Managers, who are all overseen by a Chief Information Officer. However, these roles may differ according to the size of the IT department. A smaller business may only require one person, who would fulfill all duties.

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